How I Know What I Want (Dream BIG)

There is no need to overcomplicate life, right?
Generally I know what I want (and cold beer is pretty up there).
Still, there are a few other things that I know I wanted all my life but never had the guts to seriously pursue. Call me #masterofselfmanipulation

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Learn to Laugh at Yourself

I know there is a huge amount of self-help books available but don’t worry, this is not an attempt to add to your anxiety of never being able to get it right. This is a fun one. It’s easy,  and just like learning how to pee standing up as a chick, it will come in handy one day.

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Easy Work

“Are you a cute dog?” That is one of the big questions I’m currently asking my dog, out loud. Which makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t feel so averse to meaningless conversations if words like these leave my mouth. In my defence, a wagging dog tail is the best reward, and maybe the only…

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