5 Ways of Self Care – Part V

Discover the power of acknowledging where you are right now and use it to stay motivated to reach those long-term goals.

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5 Ways of Self Care – Part IV

To take good care of myself means to be creative. If you instantly think of writing, playing an instrument or creating memes, be surprised that there is so much more to it! Creating takes whatever shape we choose, and it means to express ourselves and it can give us purpose and balance.

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Practise Kindness With Ease

Do you ever pay attention to those thoughts that pop into your head whenever you manage to calm your sweet monkey mind down a notch? Those thoughts that come up while meditating, while running or while simply paying attention to your breathing. Those thoughts are something special and should come with a little bow tie in their hair so the whole world can see how great they really are (but because the world is not perfect, here is a blog post to honour them). 

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