I know there is a huge amount of self-help books available, telling a gal that she must learn how to pee standing up, or be fluent and then teach her children three languages in order to be a good mother, but don’t worry, this is not an attempt to add to your anxiety of never being able to get it right.

This is a fun one. And it’s easy.  

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Growing up in Germany has taught me how to change tyres, but not how to drill screws into hardwood, or how to laugh at myself. I only re-learnt how to embrace the fool that I am since moving to Australia. While I would like to give myself all the credit, ‘living life at the beach’ definitely helped.

Why you want to learn how to laugh at yourself

Just like learning how to pee standing up as a chick, whether you are on a boat or not, it will come in handy one day.

Here are two easy, foolproof steps that can help you laugh it off:

1. Let go of wanting to be perfect

Do you know why you can’t laugh at your failed attempt of making a thirteen-layer cosmonaut birthday cake for your beloved niece?

It’s the same reason why only my husband laughs when we tackle our next DIY wood project and my drilling speed is 12 SPH*, on a good day.

(*Screws per hour. That is ONE screw every five minutes.)

I’ve seen people drill screws before (I’ve been places!) and, in my professional opinion, it looks easy-peasy (and much easier than making a thirteen-layer cake). In any case, if I pour my heart into something, I expect perfection, as soon as possible (right away).

Even though my husband does not actually laugh at me drilling screws, mostly because he is an incredibly patient man, he would have good reason to. It takes a long time for me to build anything.

Learn How to Laugh at Yourself
Sometimes, he does laugh at me..

Let’s face it. You have to be willing to suck at something first, if you want to be a screwmaster one day.

You are not here to be good at everything. Embrace your imperfection. Take a step back, and try to see it from your niece’s point of view. Chances are, you have good reason to laugh.

The good news are, if you really want to, you CAN be good at nearly anything, it just takes some time and practice. Life is all about the journey and the progress along the way.

2. Kiss drama goodbye

This may seem obvious: if you want more laughs in your life, let go of the drama. 

I’m not bashing anyone watching the Kardashian’s here (I know someone who does).

What I have very little time for is anyone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions and instead continues to blame others for their circumstances.

I highly recommend leaving that path and joining the movement of fools instead. We have (good and bad attempts of thirteen-layer) cake. 

Us fools know that trying to blame everyone else for ‘what happens to us’ is not the way to go. Our favourite thing, besides laughing at ourselves, is taking control over our actions and seeing that they have direct consequences.

We can influence most circumstances in our life. We cannot control how others act, but we will always have control over our own reaction when cakes and other things don’t work out. 

So unless you are incredibly talented and write fictional stories (something I admire you for already), don’t buy into the drama. 

Be that imperfect, ever-changing fool who laughs it off instead and lives a happier life for it! 

I know there is a huge amount of self-help books available but don't worry, this is not an attempt to add to your anxiety of never being able to get it right. This is a fun one. It's easy,  and just like learning how to pee standing up as a chick, it will come in handy one day.


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