It’s time for the final part of my JEMCA – five ways of self-care to improve your quality of life. Why not start at the beginning to learn what it is all about.

I may be a little random at times (carrots are my favourite vegetable) but I left this one until last for a reason. It’s my favourite, the cherry on top, the final step to make sure all of your beautiful work will bring you happiness.

No amount of journalling, exercising, manifesting or creating will reach it’s full potential without you spending some time to acknowledge it all. This is not to say that each one of these tools is not powerful on it’s own, but the most powerful tool is for us to acknowledge ‘what is’, since it means that we are arriving in this very moment.

Do we fail to acknowledge what is because it would mean admitting that there is something we are not happy with?

Sometimes we may find ourselves not where we want to be. It may seem easier to keep working until the weekend, the next holiday, or the next promotion comes along, but how do we make sure that we are not missing our entire life when we are always living for tomorrow?

Acknowledging how far you have come (‘the Good’)
Goals are important but this very moment is more important.
Don’t forget to acknowledge everything that ‘already is’ right now.

We are being taught to always ‘want more’, to constantly chase the next thing. It is ingrained in our education, our job and our lives so deeply that we risk not ever enjoying how great our life actually is in this very moment. We are too busy to keep working, keep pushing, keep learning, keep improving.

We have six-monthly job reviews where we better have an answer to what our next career goal is, and where we want to be in five years. Goals are important but how often do we actually stop and acknowledge all the things that are present in our lives right now. The ‘now’ is what we once were dreaming of.

Thinking about all those things that we were once dreaming of and acknowledging them as part of your ‘now’ will shift your focus to this very moment, and tune you into a gratitude attitude.

Acknowledging ‘the Bad’ without judgment

There is always that risk involved when being fully present of recognising that we are not happy, that we are not where we want to be.

Turning the TV on and getting distracted from the things we think we can’t change is easier than actually listening to that inner voice that is telling you there is something else that you want to be doing with your life.

I have done it, but my question is, is it really easier?

Is it easier drowning that little voice in cake at afternoon tea, Friday night drinks, and long hours justified by working towards the next promotion?

It really is a pretty big effort to keep up with everyone around you in the rat race when you aren’t happy to be there. That ‘crazy guy’ yelling at you to ‘wake up’ on your way to work in morning might have more to say than you think.

The important part is that if you ever find yourself unhappy with your current situation, be sure not to judge any part of it. Just observe. 

If you judge yourself for getting into any situation you are unhappy with, or blame your parents or your boss for any part of it, you are not accepting what is. Accepting what is also means accepting your unhappiness without judgment. It is always in your power to change your reality to match your dreams.

Acknowledging the magnitude of what is good

Acknowledging what is could also mean that you discover all the things you are doing well, and that is not an easy Facebook status update, someone might label it as ‘bragging’. It is easier to undersell ourselves so we don’t risk seeming arrogant.

We are quick to say ‘I hate burpees. They’re hard. I’m never going to try that sh*t again.’, when instead we have the choice to acknowledge our body for it’s strength. Even when your burpees hurt, and you only manage to get a couple in before collapsing on the floor. It’s not you, it’s definitely burpees. We are still in a strong and healthy body that carries us around everywhere.

You might even be ridiculously fit which is even more of a reason to pause and acknowledge how your back is giving you the support you need to throw your legs back like the freakin maniac you are. Acknowledge how the muscles in your legs accelerate you to jump even while you are shaking, how the muscles in your arms and chest help you catapult the weight of your body back off the ground.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging how strong you already are, at whatever point you are at, instead of telling yourself that you are not good enough just yet, or not as fit as.. who..? your Personal Trainer? Well, that’s weird, isn’t it?

Acknowledging all that is good is like wrapping yourself in a beautiful blanket of ‘I know how to take some damn good care of my beautiful self.

Now get out of my way, I have work to do’.

And that’s that, all of my JEMCA. Did you enjoy the read? Let me know your thoughts below. Or just keep reading.

Discover the power of acknowledging where you are right now and use it to stay motivated in your journey of self-discovery and personal growth and use it to reach those personal long-term goals (the stuff that matters most).


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3 replies on “5 Ways of Self Care – Part V

  1. Really enjoyed reading these. I think your writing has gone on in leaps and bounds as you e continued onwards. Well done you and thanks for your amazing feed back on my novel I sent you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to scribble, and for the kind words. I know it’s time for me to take the chance to read that second amazing novel written by someone very patient! 🙂


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