I can’t help but wonder how such a vital thing could end up with such an ugly name. Your gut. Especially, considering that listening to what that beautiful gut has to say, is one of the most important tools to navigate yourself through this thing we call life.

One of my favourite moments when practising yoga is when I bow my head to my heart, my mind intelligence to my body intelligence. It seems to be the perfect reminder to calm that monkey mind enough to be able to listen to what my gut has to say.

Over time my gut has become my most trusted advisor but that hasn’t always been this way. Here are some areas where I’ve learnt to trust my gut.

Trusting when making new friends

I develop friend crushes sometimes. I trust that first impression I have of someone. I trust the vibes I pick up. I trust that, when I feel all warm and cozy when someone is around, and then supercharged afterwards, I have found an amazing friend.

Listening to what your gut tells you about someone you meet, may not necessarily mean that you have found a friend for life. Unfortunately our gut feelings don’t rule the world. But, at the very least it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, because of your new friend, and because you are trusting yourself and your own judgment.

The best part about it is that the more you practise trusting yourself, the easier it gets.

Do you listen to your gut when you meet someone new? When do you feel safe to open up? Do you listen, when your gut tells you that something smells a bit funny, and stay away?

Trusting our gut and basing who we spend our time with on that feeling can make a huge impact on our overall happiness. You don’t have to be a super sensitive person to soak up energies around you. It happens naturally. You are a product of your environment.

Trusting when choosing jobs and even your career

I’ve recently read a post by the amazing Eliza Landgren AKA @elle_fit. She is my forever entrepreneur’s crush to turn to whenever I feel the pressure of trying to make a regular 9-5 job work for me. She is doing what everyone of us should be doing, she is sharing her genius.
In her post, she said that when we really think about it, most of us already know what it is that we really want to do but are too scared to go for. Reading this made me a little uncomfortable because it hit way too close to home. Safety is such a nice and comfortable thing and who really wants to leave their comfort zone anyway? There’s tea and a soft, warm bed. No, really.. it was a perfect reminder that made me feel glad that I get the chance to feel uncomfortable, so I can grow. If you have a minute, check out how lobsters grow.

Think about it, isn’t there something that you always knew you wanted to do? Did you give it a go? Did you give up on it because it wasn’t as easy as you thought it should have been?

Maybe what you are dying to give a go is something that your parents told you isn’t a respectable or desirable career to pursue. I don’t think that is an influence that we should underestimate. It is not easy to start living a life that goes against what your parents think you should do if you’ve never tried that before.
Are you worried you will be judged by your auntie, neighbour, kid or cat? (That’s why people have dogs, you know, they don’t judge.) I have this concern sometimes, then I remind myself that they will judge me anyway. And what cats think of me is ultimately none of my business, it’s their business and theirs only (same counts for humans).

Trusting when choosing what to order for dinner

Now this must be the one thing where we all know to trust our gut, right? No need to blog about, right? Ha.. well I’ve written about my feet before, so you know what to expect.

Here’s why I feel the need to write about it. I’ve grown up eating meat and consumed a ton of dairy. I’ve continued to eat meat even after knowing how animals are treated in the meat and dairy industries that we have created. I actually thought vegans are kind of weird, and a tad extreme*. My views have changed, finally.

I was so used to everyone around me eating meat that I didn’t question it. Meat is available everywhere, eating it is socially accepted, it’s considered ‘normal’.

For so long, I didn’t listen to what my gut was telling me. It took 18 odd years to finally listen to my gut. When you ask me why I chose to go vegan, I can tell you facts that you definitely need to hear and that should be common knowledge. For me, it just makes sense. I love nothing more than knowing that no animal needs to die for me to live.

Facts didn’t make me change anything for a long time though, I just shut those facts out and continued on, the actual reason why I made a change was because I couldn’t ignore what my gut was telling me any longer.

Practise listening to your gut as much and as often as you can, and you will significantly decrease your risk of living a life of regrets.
Your gut is wise beyond your imagination.

*Plant-based is the future.

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I can't help but wonder how such a vital thing could end up with such an ugly name? Your gut. Considering that listening to what that beautiful gut has to say, would have to be one of the most important ways to navigate yourself through this thing we call life.


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4 replies on “Are You Listening to Your Gut?

  1. I believe in this so much, and it has taken many years to learn to trust myself. When I was younger I would have those strong gut feelings, but tell myself I was crazy. Over and over again my gut proved my mind wrong. Now that I’m older I am much better at listening to my gut or instincts instead of trying to rationalize everything with mind and ignoring that deep seated feeling. Trusting your internal wisdom is a powerful thing.

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that you are listening to your beautiful gut intelligence! I’m still letting my mind taker over too often but I’m glad to ignore that ‘deep seated feeling’ less and less. 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


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