Do you pay attention to those thoughts that pop into your head whenever you manage to calm your sweet monkey mind down a notch? Those thoughts that come up while meditating, while running, while paying attention to your breathing. Those thoughts are something special and should come with a little bow tie in their hair so the whole world can see how great they really are (but because the world is not perfect, here is a blog post to honour them). 

Today was Day 2 of Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Camp for me and one of those thoughts came up. Today’s practice was restorative. One of those practices that I struggle with. I much prefer Power Yoga and anything quick and swift. Luckily I have a new yoga friend who suggested that we would do the 30 Day Yoga Camp together. (Yes, I know. I’m excited too!) Already it seems worth every minute of sitting in discomfort.
When I was breathing in, and breathing out (folding forwards), I opened my eyes and looked down, one thought came up and it sounded like this:

I really don’t hate my feet at all.

If you feel amazed by the depth of my understanding of my true self, thank you, thank you. You, too, can get there. Just look at your feet.

I wanted to share this thought because it is unfiltered and it reflects exactly where I am at in my journey of self-love. I was a little surprised by what came up, I was happy that it was positive despite the negative word, and most of all, it made me laugh and enjoy the practice.

I treasure those thoughts that come from the space in between breaths.

They teach great lessons.

They can help us practise self-love.

I had this one thought and then, no conflicting thoughts came up at all. I did not even feel the need to explain (to myself, or my yoga mat) why I really don’t hate my feet. I JUST really don’t hate my feet.

Now here is how your feet can show you an easy way to practise kindness, and to make sure you are giving yourself enough of that precious love.

Here is the good part of the advice: start with the things that come as easy as not hating your feet.

Celebrate how much you don’t hate your feet. I have already ordered a banner for the party I am going to throw because I do not hate my feet! Yes, you are invited.

Kindness with Ease
My Feet (1)
Start loving yourself wherever it is easiest first.

Eventually I will start loving my feet (much like a mad man), and the fact that they carry me around each and every day.

Try it for yourself.

Start paying attention to how the earth underneath your feet feels, how your feet move and how they carry your everywhere you go.  Eventually you start loving every single bone in your feet and soon enough you will be so busy loving all of those bones that you forget about any thoughts that do not serve you.

Even if it is just for a brief moment. That is where you start.

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