Seven months ago I had just handed in my resignation at my fancy inner-city desk job and was counting down the days to be ‘finally free’, or more so, to find my buzz again.

It was not an easy decision to make since I hadn’t even spent 12 months at that same desk, and while the bosses were ready for my career to start blossoming, I was ready to move onto the next thing. There was a lesson for me to be learnt. I needed to start searching for work that was more fulfilling for me.

I used to work as an accountant. This might be hard for you to imagine, but I wasn’t exactly surrounded by people passionate about their career and daily tasks.

It is too easy to stay in a job even when we are not happy because we see it all around us. People stay. Colleagues and bosses give you a hard time over small things because they are unhappy but decided to stay, instead of moving on when the time came. I am not talking about quitting your commitments the moment it gets rough, and walking out the door half way through a tough day. (Although that could also be necessary one day and would be so film worthy.)

I am talking about enduring one tough day after the next, enduring one outburst from that colleague that unfortunately is your direct boss after the next, enduring only tasks that you know you are not meant for.

I realise that we do not always have the choice to quit a job right away. And I count myself lucky having been able to move on (pretty much) as soon as I found myself unhappy, but I also know that there is always another way for all of us.

It may involve enduring a job for another few months until you have been able to plan your next move. It may even involve enduring something for longer than a few weeks or months, but I believe it should never mean enduring something that is relentlessly killing your buzz without an end in sight. (Zombie alert!) In other words, if the buzz is gone, do something. 

There are some very real reasons why we can’t quit our jobs: kids, debt, dogs, Yoga video subscriptions, rent, food,… but a lot of the time the reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t quit, are more so based on past conditioning, on our belief that we won’t find anything else, or on our fear that we are not good enough to go after what we truly want.

Staying in a job that you know makes you unhappy for reasons such as “I’m scared.” or “My parents don’t want me to quit.” or even “I have spent three years studying to be in this job.” is ultimately not helping anyone.

Let’s think about the big (or small) corporation you are working for. (Why does no one ever think about those corp’s?!)

Your employer likely deserves someone who is happy to do their job. If you are not, I’m sure someone out there will be.

Your parents may want you to be a successful lawyer and disown you if you don’t try, but in the end do you really need that summer house by the lake? (Surely you can find a way to get in anyway,right?) Besides that, they most likely want to see you happy and alive as well.

Most importantly, of course, you deserve to be happy. 

You even deserve to go for that thing that you know you really want to go for. I know, it’s a revolting thought!

Today, seven months after I quit my inner-city desk job, I put in my resignation at my cruisy island desk job, and I am counting down the days to be ‘finally free’, or more so, to find my buzz again.

I know what you’re thinking, it will take me a long time to find the job I love by elimination. I could easily think myself in a rut because I was in a VERY similar situation seven months ago, but my suspicion is that a mindset like that might kill that buzz I’m looking for as well.

I am still searching, but, I will keep searching. While I count myself lucky to be surrounded by pesky pilots who earn a living flying around the skies (and they’re okay really but Maren’s merriment marvellously multiplies when she sees alliterations). Most of those pesky pilots are pretty p..happy. My hunky husband certainly is. It has taken him quite a while to get where he is, but, and that has nothing to do with those greys that are coming through, he has forgotten all about the Monday blues.

You only fail when you stop trying. 

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