“Are you a cute dog?”

That is one of the big questions I’m currently asking my dog, out loud. Which makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t feel so averse to meaningless conversations if words like these leave my mouth. In my defence, a wagging dog tail is the best reward, and maybe the only excuse for meaningless jabbering.

Here are some other thoughts currently going around and around in my head, like a 10-year-old at the ice rink (and yes sometimes they fall and cry and break their metaphorical thought noses):
I wonder what it is exactly that I am meant to be doing with my life. Surely my purpose on this earth can’t have anything to do with accounting. Or bookkeeping. But sometimes I like meaningless repetitive tasks.

Or do I? Is accounting what is keeping me sane? Is it the very thing that has been holding me together all this time? *insert giggle*

“‘Coz you look like a cute dog!”

I can’t help but think that I might be wasting my precious time working on something that doesn’t really matter to me. This is not how I want to leave this world.

But, I guess, not every move and every task can be meaningful and guide me towards my bigger purpose in life.

Then again, if it’s not meaningful it should at least make me feel good.

What is most important, is, that I find my flow again.

Life is meant to be easy.

Life is meant to Feel Good.

Don’t you agree?

“You must be a cute dog.”
It’s settled. (The matter, not the tail.)

Those few that have disagreed with me in the past, seem to be only the ones that have given up on their dreams.

And those that hustle. 24/7. That work hard. Work, work, work, work, work. (That would have to be an attempt of brainwashing. I mean, it’s so damn catchy!)

How about we work towards finding the things that we love the most, and then apply our “hard work” to that? And then we might as well call it something else, something that sounds less like a huge pain in the butt, maybe even more like something that we couldn’t wait to get stuck into.

How about easy work?

Let’s find what feels good, find what comes easy to us, find what we love the most, and put in some good old easy work to create the life we desire.

Posted by:Maren

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