Only because apparently “How to Write an Inspirational Blog Post After You’ve Just Eaten Half a Block of Chocolate All by Yourself” is not an acceptable title for a blog post.

You may be able to get the underlying theme here: it’s not that easy.  To go easy on yourself. Most of us are our own worst critic. And it’s not that easy to write something inspirational when you’re mostly feeling sick and ready for a nap.

Let’s focus on the one thing more than the other. It was hazelnut chocolate, and it was delicious. Did I need to eat that much of it? Probably not. Here is the thing I need to remind myself of, refined sugar is not my friend. While I’ve heard of people that miraculously only eat ONE (1) row of chocolate (WHO are you?), I’m far, far away from that. I’m definitely more so part of that group of people who steal the last bit of chocolate out of their someone else’s hands (or mouth. That’s okay they love me.)

Delicious Breakfast
A much better lunch than hazelnut chocolate.

I don’t ALWAYS feel good about having joined that latter group, so in the past I have quit all refined sugar for good. I lasted a whole four months, and I felt absolutely amazing. Then I started listening to people telling me that I didn’t ‘even have to be that extreme’. Those people are also allegedly approved members of that ONE row of chocolate only group and sounded very reasonable, so I slowly introduced sugar back into my diet, and now, I’m way past that age where daytime naps are part of my daily routine AND I’m extremely sleepy.
One could say, “da haben wir den Salat”.

(And here is the reason you should learn German: all sayings are basically about sausage and if doesn’t involve sausage, it’s not good. This saying translates to “there we have the salad (now)”, and it means I screwed up, real bad. No sausage for me, only salad. And it doesn’t matter that I’m vegan because it is not a nice salad, and my sausage was a meat-free sausage. It is terrible salad. It is terrible news.)

But, we are only human. We don’t always choose the healthy lunch we prepared for ourselves last night over that delicious hazelnut chocolate. It does not mean we will make the same choice tomorrow. Maybe we will remember that being an adult is a lot easier when we take care of ourselves, which may or may not include saying goodbye to any refined sugar in our diets.

Go Easy on Yourself
Posted by:Maren

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